Publications - Publications 2024

Potter AD, Edwards VL, D'Mello A, Gray MC, Shetty AC, Forehand AL, Westlake CS, Lamb ER, Zhao X, Ragland SA, Criss AK, Tettelin H

Dual species transcriptomics reveals conserved metabolic and immunologic processes in interactions between human neutrophils and Neisseria gonorrhoeae, PLoS pathogens. 2024 Jul 08

Tuddenham S, Gajer P, Holm JB, Brown SE, Forney L, Ravel J, Ghanem KG, Brotman RM

Comparison of shipping versus immediate freezer storage of vaginal samples for vaginal microbiota assessment, Sexually transmitted infections. 2024 Jul 02

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ClOneHORT: Approaches for Improved Fidelity in Generative Models of Synthetic Genomes, bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024 Jun 29

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Adult expression of the cell adhesion protein Fasciclin 3 is required for the maintenance of adult olfactory interneurons, Journal of cell science. 2024 Jun 27

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Use of drugs for hypertension or heart failure and the risk of death in COVID-19: association with loop-diuretics, European journal of clinical pharmacology. 2024 Jun 24

Li X, Ma B, Ji W, Dou S, Zhou H, Zhang H, Wang J, Hu Y, Shen X

Impact of Lime Saturation Factor on Alite-Ye'Elimite Cement Synthesis and Hydration, Materials (Basel, Switzerland). 2024 Jun 20

Alizadeh M, Wong U, Siaton BC, Patil SA, George L, Raufman JP, Scott WH, von Rosenvinge EC, Ravel J, Cross RK

Inflammatory Bowel Disease-Associated Arthritis Is Associated with Concomitant Autoimmune and Inflammatory Disorders, Digestive diseases and sciences. 2024 Jun 20

Kavaliauskas P, Gu Y, Hasin N, Graf KT, Alqarihi A, Shetty AC, McCracken C, Walsh TJ, Ibrahim AS, Bruno VM

Multiple roles for hypoxia inducible factor 1-alpha in airway epithelial cells during mucormycosis, Nature communications. 2024 Jun 20

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An Unexpected Post-Egg-Free Influenza Vaccine Granulomatous Reaction, The American Journal of dermatopathology. 2024 Jun 06

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Variation in spatial population structure in the species complex, bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024 May 31

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Zhong D, Wei S, Zhou H, He X, Qian B, Ma B, Hu Y, Ren X

The Influence of Retreated Lithium Slag with a High Content of Alkali, Sulfate and Fluoride on the Composition and the Microstructure of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete, Materials (Basel, Switzerland). 2024 May 27

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Unraveling the Variability of Human Satiation: Implications for Precision Obesity Management, Research square. 2024 May 23

Hopp MT, Vaidya SM, Grimmig KM, Strudthoff LJ, Clauser JC, Yuan X, Singh S, Müller J, Oldenburg J, Hamza I, Imhof D

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Schaefer A, Yang B, Schroeder HA, Harit D, Humphry MS, Zeitlin L, Whaley KJ, Ravel J, Fischer WA, Lai SK

ZMapp reduces diffusion of Ebola viral particles in fresh human cervicovaginal mucus, Emerging microbes & infections. 2024 May 07

Colloca L, Mocci E, Wang Y, Massalee R, Chen S, White J, Johnson K, Patron Fidalgo GM, Wilson GM, Goldman D, Dorsey SG

Transcriptomic Profiles Associated with Experimental Placebo Effects in Chronic Pain, Clinical pharmacology and therapeutics. 2024 May 06

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Doubly Robust Causal Modeling to Evaluate Device Implantation, JAMA internal medicine. 2024 May 06

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Benchmarking and Optimization of Methods for the Detection of Identity-By-Descent in , bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology. 2024 May 05

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STAG2 mutations regulate 3D genome organization, chromatin loops, and Polycomb signaling in glioblastoma multiforme, The Journal of biological chemistry. 2024 May 03

Carter KA, Tuddenham S, Brotman RM

Dequalinium Chloride-An Emerging Option in the Sparse Landscape of Bacterial Vaginosis Therapies, JAMA network open. 2024 May 01

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A secondary mechanism of action for triazole antifungals in Aspergillus fumigatus mediated by hmg1, Nature communications. 2024 Apr 29

Yang WW, Matyas JJ, Li Y, Lee H, Lei Z, Renn CL, Faden AI, Dorsey SG, Wu J

Dissecting Genetic Mechanisms of Differential Locomotion, Depression, and Allodynia after Spinal Cord Injury in Three Mouse Strains, Cells. 2024 Apr 29

Hofstaedter CE, O'Keefe IP, Met CM, Wu L, Vanderwoude J, Shin S, Diggle SP, Riquelme SA, Rasko DA, Doi Y, Harro JM, Kopp BT, Ernst RK

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Radiomic biomarkers of locoregional recurrence: prognostic insights from oral cavity squamous cell carcinoma preoperative CT scans, Frontiers in oncology. 2024 Apr 23

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Global, Regional, and National Burdens of Stroke in Children and Adolescents From 1990 to 2019: A Population-Based Study, Stroke. 2024 Apr 09

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Early Immunomodulatory Program Triggered by Protolerogenic Bifidobacterium pseudolongum Drives Cardiac Transplant Outcomes, Transplantation. 2024 Apr 08

Ma B, Duan L, Ma Y, Bu F, Lan K, Zhao T, Chen L, Zu L, Peng L, Zhao Z, Xu J, Zhong S, Aldhayan DM, Al-Enizi AM, Elzatahry A, Li W, Yang W, Zhao D

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Gastrointestinal signals in supplemented media reveal a role in adherence for the autotransporter gene, Gut microbes. 2024 Mar 28

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Safety Testing of Ovaprene: an Investigational Non-Hormonal Monthly Vaginal Contraceptive, Contraception. 2024 Mar 27

Shang J, Coe KJ, Lim HK, Chen L, Khatri BB, Salter R, Mitra K, Iyer R

Application of Covalent Binding Body Burden in the HμREL Human Hepatocyte Coculture Model for Reactivity Risk Assessment of Metabolically Low Turnover Drugs, Chemical research in toxicology. 2024 Mar 26

Jabra-Rizk MA, Wang T, Sofras D, Montelongo-Jauregui D, Paiva T, Carolus H, Dufrene Y, Alfaifi A, McCracken C, Bruno V, Dijck PV

Functional Redundancy in Candida auris Cell Surface Adhesins Crucial for Cell-Cell Interaction and Aggregation, Research square. 2024 Mar 22

Wang TW, Sofras D, Montelongo-Jauregui D, Paiva TO, Carolus H, Dufrêne YF, Alfaifi AA, McCracken C, Bruno VM, Van Dijck P, Jabra-Rizk MA

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Ma G, Zhu X, Ma B, Lassleben H

Employee Proactive Personality and Career Growth: The Role of Proactive Behavior and Leader Proactive Personality, Behavioral sciences (Basel, Switzerland). 2024 Mar 21

Gong Y, Xia Y, Su Z, Wang X, Kou Y, Ma B, Hou Y, Shi Z

A C-Type Lectin, RfCTL27, Activates the Immune Defense in the Red Palm Weevil (A.G. Olivier, 1791) (Coleoptera: Curculionidae: Dryophthorinae) by the Recognition of Gram-Negative Bacteria, Insects. 2024 Mar 21

Joseph A, Anton L, Guan Y, Ferguson B, Mirro I, Meng N, France M, Ravel J, Elovitz MA

Extracellular vesicles from vaginal Gardnerella vaginalis and Mobiluncus mulieris contain distinct proteomic cargo and induce inflammatory pathways, NPJ biofilms and microbiomes. 2024 Mar 21

Chen J, Zhao T, Li H, Xu W, Maas K, Singh V, Chen MH, Dorsey SG, Starkweather AR, Cong XS

Multi-Omics Analysis of Gut Microbiota and Host Transcriptomics Reveal Dysregulated Immune Response and Metabolism in Young Adults with Irritable Bowel Syndrome, International journal of molecular sciences. 2024 Mar 20

Guo B, Borda V, Laboulaye R, Spring MD, Wojnarski M, Vesely BA, Silva JC, Waters NC, O'Connor TD, Takala-Harrison S

Strong positive selection biases identity-by-descent-based inferences of recent demography and population structure in Plasmodium falciparum, Nature communications. 2024 Mar 20

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Untangling Associations of Microbiomes of Pregnancy and Preterm Birth, Clinics in perinatology. 2024 Mar 15

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The DTC microbiome testing industry needs more regulation, Science (New York, N.Y.). 2024 Mar 14

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The impact of cancer metastases on COVID-19 outcomes: A COVID-19 and Cancer Consortium registry-based retrospective cohort study, Cancer. 2024 Feb 20

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ExpLOring the role of the intestinal MiCrobiome in InflammATory bowel disease-AssocIated SpONdylarthritis (LOCATION-IBD), Heliyon. 2024 Feb 18

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BilR is a gut microbial enzyme that reduces bilirubin to urobilinogen, Nature microbiology. 2024 Jan 03