Education - Omics Basics

Omics Basics

The Omics Basics series provides the UMB campus community with introductory information on omics and bioinformatics approaches and tools.

The Institute for Genome Sciences (IGS) is hosting a lunchtime presentation series geared to those who are novices with regard to omics and bioinformatics. The sessions will be very introductory and will focus on the approaches, applications, and tools associated with omics and bioinformatics (including genomics, transcriptomics (gene expression), microbiomes/metagenomics, statistics, etc.)

Upcoming events

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Past events

  • Omics Basics: Microbiome Research, From Fundamentals to Applications (Recording)
    Presenter: Johanna Holm, PhD
    Microbiology and Immunology
  • P values and multiple comparisons (Recording)
    Presenter: Michelle Shardell, PhD
    Biostatistics, gerontology
  • Sequencing Approaches and Applications (Recording)
    Presenter: Luke Tallon
    Scientific Director, Maryland Genomics

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