Education - Transcriptome Analysis Workshop

Transcriptome Analysis Workshop

This workshop will provide a detailed introduction to transcriptome sequencing and informatics concepts. It will provide training on analyses of RNA-Seq data including the use of different analytical tools, relevant file formats, reference genomes, transcriptome annotations, quality control measures, reference-based alignment, gene expression, and differential gene and isoform analyses. These tutorials will be accompanied by hands-on exercises using complete analytical pipelines on test datasets.

Included topics

  • Transcriptome sequencing techniques
  • QC considerations
  • Read alignment with Bowtie, and HISat
  • Expression quantification using HTSeq
  • Differential expression with DEseq
  • Isoform analysis with Cufflinks
  • Differential Isoform analysis with CuffDiff
  • Pathway Analysis with IPA, GOrilla, and DAVID
  • Primer on single-cell RNASeq

The workshop has concluded, please check back for future dates

Location and Times

This workshop will be completely virtual. Specific times for sessions within the dates for the workshop will be announced at a later time.


Please send any questions to Joe Receveur (jreceveur AT