The FDA ARGOS database generates quality-controlled microbial reference genomes for diagnostic use, which enable ID-NGS developers to perform in silico validation of their workflows. FDA and IGS solicit submissions of microbial samples for complimentary sequencing and analysis and inclusion in the ARGOS database. Learn More

June 2019

Burnet Institute-led women’s health research project wins MRFF Frontier funding

IGS scientists in collaboration with Burnet scientists have led a women's health research project....

May 2019

The Human Microbiome Project Expands the Toolbox....

for studying the host and microbiome interactions

April 2019

Dr. Fraser Named President Elect for AAAS

a short video about priorities with the public

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Dynamics & ecology of human PAP viruses in genetic infections of young women?.?
Dr. @Javialf speaking #informatics - Characterizing #genomic biases in immunopeptidome landscapes at?
Dr. @Javialf speaking on #informatics - Characterizing #genomic biases in immunopeptidome landscapes at?
?Characterizing #genomic biases in immunopeptidome




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