New Classification
of Names of Genetic Diseases
Lynn M. Schriml, PhD, the principal investigator on a recently funded, $3.4 million five-year U41 Genomic Resource grant that was awarded by the National Human Genome Research Institute (NHGRI), entitled "the Human Disease Ontology" project. Read More

January 2019

Dr. Fraser Named President Elect for AAAS

AAAS names microbial genomics trailblazer....

January 2019

Dr. Fraser Named President Elect for AAAS

Claire M. Fraser, a pioneer in the field of microbial genomics,

December 2018

International Consortium Guidelines Characterizing Uncultivated Viruses

As more and more researchers...

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this is really funny (at least to me)
well, now I know! :)
you are such a trend-setter in so many ways!
Native American #Genomic Diversity through Ancient #DNA




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