Genomics Resource Center - Team

The multi-disciplinary GRC team includes scientists, bioinformatics software engineers, bioinformatics analysts, project managers, and research specialists with extensive experience in planning, managing, and delivering projects ranging from small-scale plasmid sequencing to large-scale comparative genomic and transcriptome sequencing. Many members of the team brought to the GRC years of experience at large sequencing centers, enabling the GRC to provide cutting edge genomic services from within a smaller, more responsive and available setting.

grc Luke J. Tallon, Scientific Director, is responsible for the scientific oversight of the GRC, including the high-throughput sequencing platforms, the LIMS, sequence data processing and analysis systems, and laboratory and informatics R&D projects. Luke provides scientific guidance to researchers on the application of each sequencing platform and analysis of resulting data.

grc Lisa DeShong Sadzewicz, Ph. D., Administrative Director, is responsible for managing GRC finances, including budgets and invoicing, monitoring and scheduling projects, vendor relationships and facility operations, and for developing collaborations with external researchers working with the GRC. Lisa provides administrative oversight and monitors project progress to ensure that projects meet their scheduled deadlines.

grc Sandy Ott, Platform Lead, is responsible for the Illumina sequencing platform and laboratory automation activities. Sandy joined the GRC in 2008 and has more than 15 years of experience with multiple high-throughput platforms.

grc Ivette Santana-Cruz, Senior Bioinformatics Software Engineer, is responsible for the development and maintenance of GRC sequencing data processing, QC, and delivery/storage pipelines for all platforms. She maintains and develops web tools, the LIMS, and leads the implementation of improvements to each pipeline.

grc Ellie Zhao, Ph.D., Platform and R&D Lead, has 20 years of molecular biology and biochemistry experience and is responsible for the PacBio sequencing platform. She specializes in the development and implementation of new methods and technologies for our high-throughput platforms as well as viral genome sequencing techniques.

grc Sushma Nagaraj, M.S., Senior Bioinformatics Analyst, has more than 10 years of bioinformatics analysis experience. She is responsible for the oversight of GRC data analysis pipelines and projects. She coordinates the development and implementation of genome assembly, variant detection, and other customized analysis pipelines.

Gopi Vyas, M.S., Bioinformatics Analyst II Shrey Sukhadia, M.S., Bioinformatics Analyst II Kranthi Vavikolanu, M.S., Bioinformatics Analyst I Holly Roussey, M.S., Laboratory Research Specialist Janice Lin, M.S., Laboratory Research Specialist Ashlie Feldman, Laboratory Research Assistant